Itchy Feet

I can’t say that my decision to leave my job was a rushed one, i am notorious for flip flopping. I’m well known for packing in jobs and heading off to do ski seasons or packing in internships when they were just dull. So when I told my friends i had resigned from my recent job i got the resigned sigh followed by the inevitable;
“So what’s the plan this time?”

I’ve got more plans than I’ve had hot dinners, but without a job and with a bank account that all too often is scraping the bottom of the barrel what plans for adventure can you do? Despite what I wanted to believe travelling cant be done cheaply, all too quickly the costs of transport, accommodation and food quickly add up, and lets not even think about beer! So how am I supposed to plan for an adventure if I can’t afford it?

I’m no del boy and I don’t expect my professional football career is to take off any time soon so I needed a get rich quick plan. With the dreams of travel planted in my minds eye there is only one way to achieve them and that’s to get your nose to the grind stone. So my plan was to live a Spartan life, work for a few months and earn enough money to start crossing things off my bucket list. However that didn’t quite go to plan; first winter came and the need to go skiing was too much, then I managed to get tickets to Glastonbury and then Edinburgh Fringe. So quite quickly a few months turned into a year with no respectable amount of savings made. Well maybe i can put off travelling a little longer can’t I?

After working hard for all that time and making progress all it took was a few bad weeks at work and it was the straw that broke that camels back and before I knew it I had visas and plane tickets booked. So really in the end all that planning counted for nothing.

So what’s the plan this time?

Nothing. Let’s see what happens shall we…


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